Wednesday, 22 September 2021


The internship activities, provided  by C5 action, have  perfectly integrated  the objectives with those who are the mission and purpose of our Institute and have  offered and offer students the unique opportunity to get close to a working reality, sharing rhythms and responsibilities, developing operational capabilities, relational and organizational ability  and acquiring specific skills and technical knowledge. The traineeship experiences, therefore,  have put the students in learning situation in the workplace related to their studies, bringing them as much as possible to real employment. In particular Action C5 has allowed and allows to schools like ours to facilitate the transition from school - work through experiences of connection between the education system and the production reality. The proposals, appropriate to the Plan of Studies, have been and are following careful analysis of the existing and future requirements of our territory. The Institute, therefore, has already had the opportunity to experience the benefits that learning activities on the job have made to their students. Conducting this type of project has also made possible to establish better connections between the Institute and the companies, helping to further develop the dialogue between them and fostering the discussion on the needs of the world of education and training and the needs of the labour market. The experience, therefore, has had a positive impact on the entire Institute and its staff. The institute, with a view to internationalization of its activities and to better prepare its students and its staff to work  in wider and more innovative working and educational contexts , intends to implement European mobility projects, aware of the great opportunities of development that this activity offers.